Maximise your potential as a fly fisher and get inspiration in fly casting or fishing that will give you years of joy.

I have a lifetime of experience teaching fly fishers how to catch thousands of wild brown trout, salmon, and pike, proving that my techniques really work. I teach fly fishers how to control the movements of their wrists, arms, shoulders, and body so they can effectively, and effortlessly tap into their fly rods true power.

The most important thing in fly fishing is good fly casting technique.


Fly casting theory and all its related physics can make for some pretty dry reading, and for the beginner can be overwhelming.

I like to teach the how and the why of fly casting in a relaxed, uncomplicated, easy to remember fashion. We cannot become good fly casters until we fully understand and can perform the basics really well.

Intermediate level

Now we can build on the basic overhead/roll casts. Learn new casts, and various subtle additional performance enhancing techniques. The Salmon angler will want to learn casts such as the Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap T, Circle Cast, or maybe a casting style such as Underhand Casting and Skagit Casting. For the trout angler fishing dry flies, nymphs, wets, and streamers there are many casts we can learn for both counteracting and producing drag. Casts like the Reach Cast, Parachute Cast, Tuck Cast, various Curve Casts, with the additional on the water line management systems of Stripping, Feeding, and Mending. Saltwater and Pike fly fishers must learn good consistent control of their casting loops to remain safe while using large/sometimes weighted flies. For these anglers the important additional casts to learn would be the Barnegat Bay Cast or Elliptical Cast with the added techniques of Single Hauling/Double Hauling being used to help combat windy conditions and to attain distance more easily when required.

Advanced level

Advanced level fly casting is about fine tuning the things we are already doing well and removing any remaining flaws in our technique. Advanced technique is also about pushing the boundaries of delicacy, accuracy, distance, and developing the ability to cope with difficult fishing situations. We learn how to seamlessly combine various different casts and techniques to find the most effective answer to any fishing problem.


I conduct private individual and group fly casting lessons all year round. I also give fly casting demonstrations and conduct fly casting workshops in Ireland and Internationally.