Lough Mask is one of the Great Western Loughs and at 22,000 acres is a formidable wild fishery with many dangerous rocky areas. A fishing guide is advised for beginners as this lake can blow up very rough and angler safety should always take priority. From the beginning of the season in February until the end of September it can offer some of the best wild brown trout fishing in Europe and the fish of a lifetime is always possible. Lough Mask has great hatches in all its shallow areas of- buzzers, olives, mayfly and sedges throughout the year. Mask also has a unique population of deep water trout which feed on daphnia and these fish are targeted on dull overcast days when they are feeding near the surface. Like its near neighbour Lough Corrib it also holds a fine population of large Ferox trout. Fly fishing for pike can produce some monster fish and the angler is always in with a good chance of catching a 10kg+ fish.